Warehouse Flooring

When you need industrial warehouse flooring for garages, hangars, and other facilities with similar needs, Advanced Surfaces Corporation can help!

When You Need Warehouse Flooring, Go with the Best Products and Installation Possible Up Front

When selecting a warehouse floor, the material and application processes are among the most important decisions to make. Without quality protection for your industrial flooring solution, it won't be able to keep up with everyday use from vehicles and machinery – or even heavy foot traffic. Invest in an additional layer of coverage so you can ensure that any high-traffic space will stand the test of time. Epoxy floor coatings are an ideal solution for warehouses, factories and storage facilities. Not only do they offer a visually pleasing finish, but their durability ensures that surfaces remain strong and dust-free while withstanding chemical exposure. Plus you can choose between two different looks – high gloss or matte – depending on how much shine you're after. Cleaning is no problem either; the glossy option offers greater ease of cleaning than its mate counterpart.

The Needs of Warehouse Flooring are Different from Any Other Type of Industrial Flooring System

Warehouses, bustling with constant movement of forklifts and loaded pallets, can encounter serious wear and tear on the flooring. Despite often sporting decorative layers above concrete foundations to enhance its appearance - tire marks from vehicles over time are hard to avoid as well as scratches caused by pushed around heavy loads. Not only that but corrosive chemicals may fall or be spilled upon them where any spill will cause damage too difficult for repair. When it comes to your warehouse floor system, little tells can be indicative of a much bigger problem. From gnawing gouges from heavy loads being dragged across the surface to pesky tire marks stains caused by worn-out tires or skidding forklifts and pallet jacks - these signs shouldn't go overlooked as they could reveal that it's time for an upgrade.

For 5-Star Warehouse Flooring Installation and Much More, Call Advanced Surfaces Corporation

Flooring in warehouses can often be compromised, resulting in uneven surfaces and hazardous cracks. This could happen due to a weak foundation or an impact of something heavy falling on the floor. In either case, proper repair work is necessary; small cracks are filled with cement mixtures while larger ones require more attention. Additionally, chemicals such as concentrated acids have the potential to cause permanent damage by leaving marks on concrete floors - thus making it essential for facilities managers to pay close attention when managing their warehouse floors.

Advanced Surfaces Corporation offers the perfect solution for a floor that will leave lasting impressions - an epoxy coating! Not only does it make any room look amazing, but with its long-lasting durability and easy cleaning maintenance, this option is sure to meet all expectations. We have the answer to all of your warehouse flooring needs. Our experienced team can provide a tailored industrial flooring solution or epoxy coating, regardless of size or shape. Get in touch today and discover what options are available - you'll be glad you did!