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Sherwin Williams Flooring – A Top Choice for the Food and Beverage Industry, and More

Sherwin Williams has been one of the biggest names in commercial paint for many years. But those in the industrial flooring industry don’t always think of beautiful wall paint when they think of Sherwin Williams. Those people quite often think of Sherwin Williams Flooring, which is one of the top industrial floor covering choices for a long list of industries.

The food and beverage industry proves to have a challenging environment for flooring choices, due in large part to the heavy amounts of traffic and spillage, among other factors. Sherwin Williams Flooring offers specific industrial floor coatings that we have personally seen perform over the years in various warehouses, beverage manufacturers and food plants, as well as other industries. Advanced Surfaces is proud to partner with Sherwin Williams Flooring to provide industrial surface coatings for your facility that will outperform the competition, and stand the test of time.

We Recommend Sherwin Williams Flooring That Is Designed with Your Industry in Mind

Sherwin Williams specifically dedicates a team of experts to inventing, improving, and manufacturing heavy-duty industrial flooring for the myriad of industries who need the best possible industrial flooring solutions. Over time, this team has developed the FasTop™ product line and perfected it to meet the needs of the market.

This FasTop™ division has diversified itself to the point of reaching headstrong into the needs of nearly every major industrial industry, including the Farming/Agricultural Industry, the Manufacturing/Distributing Industry, the Healthcare Industry, the Food/Beverage Industry, the Hospitality Industry, Commercial Industries, Educational Facilities, Multi-Family Communities, and many more industries and applications. Sherwin Williams Industrial Flooring products are second to none, especially when installed correctly by experienced professionals, like the pros from Advanced Surfaces.

Advanced Surfaces Installs All Industrial Sherwin Williams Flooring FasTop™ Systems

The General Polymers FasTop™ Flooring System represents a family of flooring systems that are all designed to use a revolutionary cementitious urethane resin technology. FasTop™ designs include 3/16"-3/8" slurry and a 1/4"-3/8" mortar. The professionals from Advanced Surfaces Corporation are experienced and proficient in installing every major division of Sherwin Williams Flooring.

Advanced Surfaces offers the following FasTop™ solutions for your facility:

  • FasTop Flooring Systems
    Functionality and beauty are the hallmark of any Sherwin Williams FasTop Flooring System.
  • FasTop 12M
    The 12M Urethane Mortar System is resistant to impact, thermal shock, impact, and more.
  • FasTop 12S
    Durable and rapidly installed, great for Food & Beverage, Commercial Kitchens, Dairies.
  • FasTop Deco
    Decorative industrial flooring with color quartz broadcast. Formerly FasTop Ceramic Carpet.
  • FasTop Topfloor
    This self-leveling slurry is a great choice for the food and beverage industry. Formerly FasTop S.
  • FasTop Topfloor SL13
    Formerly FasTop 12SL, this durable system is versatile for warehouses, hangars, garages, etc.
  • FasTop Topfloor MVT
    The FasTop Topfloor MVT system gives moisture vapor emissions to terrazzo and resinous floors.
  • FasTop Cove Base
    An urethane concrete system that is resilient and functional, and can cure in low temps.
  • Epoxy vs. FasTop Cove Bases
    Advanced Surfaces offers our take on differences between urethane concrete and epoxy floors.

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