Sherwin Williams Flooring Industrial Floor Coatings

The food and beverage industry proves to have a challenging environment for flooring. Advanced Surfaces offers specific coatings that we have seen perform over the years in various warehouses, beverage manufacturers and food plants. We are proud to partner with Sherwin Williams to provide industrial coatings that out perform the test of time.

Sherwin Williams specifically dedicates a team of experts to the food and beverage industry. Over time, this team has developed the FasTop™ product line and perfected it to meet the needs of the market. 

FasTop™ Systems

The General Polymers FasTop™ Flooring System represents a family of flooring systems that are all designed to use a revolutionary cementitious urethane resin technology. FasTop™ designs include 3/16"-3/8" slurry and a 1/4" - 3/8" mortar. 

Advanced Surfaces offers the following systems for FasTop™:

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