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For all your high-quality Lab Flooring needs, Advanced Surfaces Corporation knows the best Industrial Flooring Solutions for you!

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Advanced Surfaces Corporation offers a broad range of industrial flooring solutions for new and resurfaced floors in order to successfully meet the specific and unique needs of our clients in the pharmaceutical, research, and laboratory industries. You know that these types of facilities require high-quality flooring systems that are sanitary, slip resistant, FDA approved, and able to withstand acidic or corrosive spills. The experience of the professionals from Advanced Surfaces in planning and installing high-quality flooring systems gives us the ability to find solutions for any industrial or commercial facility. This is especially true for Lab Flooring applications. Our experience and success rates have proven to benefit our clients throughout the research laboratory and healthcare field. We can help you find the perfect flooring solutions, too, whether you're a pharmaceutical drug manufacturer, chemical processor, or you operate inside any other type of professional laboratory, research facility, or healthcare facility.



Top Industrial Flooring Options for Professional Laboratories from Advanced Surfaces

At Advanced Surfaces, we supply and install a wide variety of industrial flooring solutions, including coated cementitious urethane flooring systems. For our lab flooring clientele, these floors are extremely popular within this specific type of industry because of their chemical-resistant and highly-durable properties, among other reasons. While it’s true that we offer a variety of different types of industrial and commercial flooring systems, there are usually specific options that will work best for each individual facility type. Perhaps the best way for our experts to make a recommendation for your facility is to learn more about your operations and the specific types of chemicals you deal with on a daily basis. If you’d like to speak with an expert regarding your specific laboratory, research facility, or healthcare facility flooring needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Could these products be the lab flooring solutions you’re looking for? Click to learn more about each of these recommended industrial flooring products!

  • Dur-A-Flex: Hybri-Flex
    • Nearly every type of Duraflex Hybrid flooring is perfect for Laboratory Floor applications, including Accelera, Poly-Crete, and 6 of the Hybri-Flex floors
  • SRS Degadur Flooring
    • Based on two & three component MMA, these floors cure fast, or in the cold, and are a favorite for Lab, R&D, Animal Care, & Medical Facilities
  • BASF Selby Epoxy Resin 
    • Epoxy Resin flooring from Selby has been a mainstay since way back in 1925. Chemical resistant, tough, durable, and customizable for your needs

What Makes Advanced Surfaces a Different Kind of Lab Flooring Provider?

The team at Advanced Surfaces Corporation has been installing industrial flooring systems since 1997! We understand the complexities of operating and maintaining a professional laboratory or chemical manufacturing facility. To accommodate and respect our customers' production and testing schedules, we can complete your new flooring system all at once or we can work through your facility one weekend at a time or another time when the facility is not operational. On average, our team of flooring installers are able to complete approximately 3,000 ft – 5,000 ft of flooring per weekend.

Case Study – Installing Ucrete Flooring for Foothills Brewery

Want to know more about Advanced Surfaces Corporation and the quality of flooring work that we do?

Take a few minutes to watch this brief case study about our preparation and installation of a new Ucrete DP flooring system at Foothills Brewery's production facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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