Flowfresh Flooring System

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A Flowfresh Flooring System Could Revolutionize Your Facility

Flowfresh Flooring System products are manufactured by Flowcrete, which is a reputable worldwide leader in the industrial flooring industry. Much like Advanced Surfaces Corporation, Flowcrete is committed to creating sustainable industrial flooring products that are environmentally responsible. The seamless resin flooring products created by Flowcrete culminate in the creation of the Flowfresh Flooring System, which has revolutionized many industrial facilities. No longer would facility operators have to conduct their daily business with a severe set of limitations, much like with other less-advanced flooring products. Globally, facilities like Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Samuel Adams, and many more in various industries have seen drastic improvements to their work environment, as well as increases in safety and efficiency across the board. So what makes Flowcrete Flowfresh so appealing for industrial applications? Let’s explore more about this revolutionary product.

Flowcrete Flowfresh: A Fresh Approach to Hygienic Flooring

The engineers at Flowcrete knew that certain facilities, such as food and beverage processing plants, required a flooring system that maintains a high standard of durability and cleanliness while also actively reducing the risk of contamination - that is why Flowfresh was developed. This line of antibacterial, polyurethane concrete flooring is HACCP International certified and utilizes Polygiene, an environmentally friendly alternative to other chemically manufactured antimicrobials. Flowfresh Flooring Systems are also infused with a healthy amount of silver, which as you might know acts as a protector against bacterial infestations. Even when the floor becomes weathered over time, those purification properties remain fully intact. These kinds of classifications make Flowfresh a perfect choice for wet or dry processing centers, industrial kitchens, chemical plants, loading bays, wash areas, cold rooms, freezer facilities, and so many more facility types.

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How Exactly Does a Flowfresh Flooring System Work?

Flowfresh offers total resistance against a whole host of bacterial and chemical elements, while also remaining slip resistant, temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, and is unaffected by MVT. This flooring system contains a silver-ion based antimicrobial additive called Polygiene. The addition of this additive complements regular floor cleaning and hygiene best practices by protecting the surface from wear and contamination caused by bacterial growth. The science behind Polygiene is based on a compound that continuously emits silver ions to the floor's contact surface. Once these ions reach the surface of the floor, they actively attack gram positive and gram negative bacteria and viruses. Finally, this preventative technology will remain active and protective for the life of the flooring system unlike traditional floor coatings or surface treatments - even when damaged or worn.

Looking for Specific Flowfresh Products? Here’s a Quick Guide!

Flowfresh HF: Heavy Duty Floor System - Thickness: 1/4" to 1/2"

The profile of Flowfresh HF is positively textured so the possibility of slipping and falling is greatly minimized. And while it’s heat resistant up to 248 degrees, it’s still able to be cured in as little as 5 hours for trafficking purposes.

Flowfresh SR/Q: Slurry-Broadcast - Thickness: 1/4” to 3/8”

The Flowfresh SR/Q comes with all the qualities you’d expect from a Flowfresh Flooring System, but with the additional properties of positively textured, decorative quartz finishes, so it’s even more aesthetically pleasing.

Flowfresh MF: Smooth Floor System - Thickness: 3/16” to 1/4”

Flowfresh MF has additional self-smoothing properties, which make the installation, curing, and return to work process much more efficient for client facilities. Beautiful Matte finish.

Flowfresh CM: Cove Base & Curbing System

Based on over 30 years of technological advancements in polyurethane flooring, Flowfresh CM adds an additional layer of multi-shock resistant sealing at the base of your walls, enhancing your Flowfresh system to the max.



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