FasTop Topfloor MVT

Formerly known as FasTop MVT, or Moisture Vapor Emissions flooring, FasTop Topfloor MVT improved greatly on an already great product.

FasTop TopFloor MVT Controls Moisture Vapor Emissions Like No Other Flooring Can

Like many other find industrial flooring products from Sherwin Williams, FasTop Topfloor MVT has a variety of high value characteristics. In addition to low temperature curing, excellent compressive strength, and the ability to be applied to green concrete, MVT is an ideal solution for controlling moisture vapor emissions in and out of your industrial flooring. If you need to control MVE, you need moisture vapor remediation, or you even need to repair and level deteriorated concrete, FasTop Topfloor MVT is designed to be the perfect choice for your facility.

When seamless flooring is installed over concrete, changing environmental conditions pull moisture vapor emissions (MVE) in and out of porous concrete slabs. Over time, and with most other industrial flooring products, this can disband and blister impermeable flooring material. But Sherwin-Williams has two innovative waterborne systems that solve your MVE challenges in the General Polymers—FasTop® MVT and AquArmor.™ MCS.

Sherwin Williams FasTop® Topfloor MVT - Safeguard Your Flooring and Your Bottom Line

FasTop Topfloor MVT provides outstanding MVE protection under any flooring, including terrazzo and resinous floors. It works in virtually any condition, even consistently wet environments. Plus, this industrial floor coating product delivers excellent resistance to stains and fatty acids. And FasTop MVT’s low-odor water based formula can be re-coated sooner, so you’ll get your facilities back into service fast with moisture control that lasts. MVT is the perfect underlayment for impermeable flooring systems, and can safeguard both your industrial flooring, the health and function of your facility, and your bottom line.

AquArmor - Affordable Flooring Protection Systems that Will Help You Breathe Easier

AquArmor Systems offer efficient solutions to your MVE challenges while meeting your performance criteria. These breathable, chemical-resistant coating systems can be used underneath any flooring, including terrazzo and resinous floors, or as a stand-alone system. Plus, AquArmor’s zero-VOC, low-odor formula can be applied without taking moisture readings, and allows for a longer working time on the job site. Which makes achieving effective moisture control a lot simpler.

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