FasTop™ 12M

Urethane Mortar System

General Polymers FasTop 12M Urethane Mortar System is a troweled applied mortar installed at 1/4” - 3/8” thickness. Under normal conditions, FasTop 12M is hand troweled onto the substrate without the use of a primer or topcoat.

Skid Inhibitor  

Wet processing environments are naturally prone to hazards caused by slippage. In cases like these, flooring needs to be crafted with a surface that can withstand skidding. FasTop 12M is textured, giving it the ability to better absorb liquids and limit hazardous conditions.

Resistant Flooring

FasTop 12M is designed for conditions that require protection of concrete, wood or steel substrate from thermal shock, impact, corrosion, mild chemical attack and abrasion. A full list of the chemicals FasTop 12M is resistant to can be found here


  • Cage wash areas, chemical processing plants
  • Commercial kitchens, dairy plants
  • Meat and poultry plants, pulp and paper plants
  • Restrooms and concession stands
  • Sugar processing plants, walk-in coolers
  • Walk-thru autoclaves, wastewater treatment facilities

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