FasTop® Cove Base

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FasTop Cove Base

Sherwin Williams Industrial Floor Coatings & Solutions

Sherwin Williams Industrial Flooring Products have become quite a valuable commodity to property managers and facility managers throughout the United States. They offer great value and top-shelf solutions for many industrial applications. Sherwin Williams Industrial division boasts that they have developed products that fit the needs of many industrial and commercial facilities, and that they have solutions for every surface type. Regardless of your facility, or your current industrial flooring situation, Sherwin Williams industrial floor covering products are designed to enhance the beauty, functionality, and protection of your facility.

These products, when correctly installed by experienced, certified professionals like the folks from Advanced Surfaces Corporation, can truly revolutionize the look, feel, and function of your facility. FasTop Cove Base flooring shares some similarities of other products from the parent company, like Sherwin Williams Epoxy Floor coatings, but there are several key differences that make FasTop flooring unique. Advanced Surfaces can help you decide what the best industrial flooring products are for your facility, and engineer the perfect plan to keep your top goals at the forefront of our priorities.

Is a FasTop Cove Base System Right for Your Facility?

General Polymers FasTop Cove Base system is a urethane concrete system designed as an integral part of the flooring system for many types of facilities. The resistant nature of Fastop Cove Base flooring to steam, hot oils, and impact makes it a great choice for the food and beverage industry, restaurants, and other facility types. It has exceptional low temperature curing properties, which means that it can be installed in colder temperatures during winter time, in refrigerated facilities, or even in cold weather states. Facilities that operate in low temperature environments have the freedom to choose the FasTop Cove Base Flooring System without having to worry about cure temperatures that may be unsuitable. It absolutely will not lose its bond from thermal shock, and maintains bond with vapor emissions over 15 lbs.

Explore More Great Features - FasTop Cove Base Urethane Flooring

With even more great features like the ability to be applied to green concrete, quick cure times for recoating and full-service rendering, massive abrasion resistance, hardness, tensile strength, and even self-extinguishing properties, Fastop Cove Base flooring is tough to beat. Advanced Surfaces is able to install with resolute so facilities can resume day to day operations in a very timely manner. Facilities that operate in low temperature environments have the freedom to choose the FasTop Cove Base Flooring System without having to worry about cure temperatures that may be unsuitable.

The vertical portion can be installed to any height at 1/16" to 1/4" thickness, and we can customize many more features of your installation of this flexible, innovative product from Sherwin Williams Industrial Flooring. Our cove base system is built with this feature to ensure longevity for environments such as food processing areas or commercial kitchens. Check out this full detail list of the many different liquids that the FasTop Cove Base System is resistant to, as well as other specs and important information regarding this cutting-edge Sherwin Williams Floorcovering product.

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