FasTop™ Ceramic Carpet™ System

FasTop Ceramic Carpet System is a decorative, cementitious urethane self-leveling slurry with color quartz broadcast to yield a 3/16” finished system.

Refined Flooring

The FasTop Ceramic Carpet system can meet the aesthetic needs of your facility while still being extremely durable through its seamless design. Advanced Surfaces makes the installation painless and greatly reduces the downtime that facilities will be closed for.

Impact Resistant

Flooring, especially in industries where heavy equipment is involved, should be built with the intent that accidents will inevitably incur. It’s for this reason why the FasTop Ceramic Carpet system is impact resistant, meaning it will endure through the moments you can’t plan for. 


  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Manufacturing flooring
  • Garages

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