Dur-A-Flex Floor Coating Systems®

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy

When it comes to the best in thin mil epoxy and polyurethane coating systems, experience has proven to us time and time again that Dur-A-Flex is second to none in the floor coating business. Whether the coating is needed for abrasion resistance, stain resistance, slip resistance, chemical resistance or for a good appearance, Dur-A-Flex coating systems have what it takes for the job. Make ADVANCED SURFACES the installer for your project.

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Dur-A-Flex Epoxy

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy Systems

  • Shop Floor
  • Dur-A-Glaze Novolac
  • Dur-A-Quartz
  • Dur-A-Chip
  • Dur-A-Crete

Epoxy Characteristics

  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Low odor

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy systems are some of the most reliable systems on the market that can fit any budget. These systems are available in thin film applications and range all the way up to heavy duty thick overlays. These topcoats are perfect for any flooring system to ensure the longevity of the floor.