Epoxy and FasTop™ Cove Bases

Cure Time

Installing urethane concrete cove base is slightly different than installing epoxy cove base. The technique and skills required are the same. However, with epoxy the mechanic wants to apply and finish it as soon as possible. As the epoxy goes through its setting stage, it becomes more “sticky” and wants to drag on the trowels. This makes it harder to close the surface, leaving it porous and difficult to seal with the topcoat(s).

Although FasTop Cove Base sets faster than epoxy, it becomes drier and less “sticky” and does not drag on the trowels as much. This makes it easier to finish and close up the installation after 20–30 minutes.


The FasTop Cove Base can be installed at temperatures as low as 35˚F, whereas epoxy can be installed at 50˚F and with more difficulty at this temperature.

Flooring Options

FasTop Cove Base is only available as an industrial finish (solid color) and is not available as a decorative finish, while Epoxy Cove Base can be a decorative (color quartz) or industrial finish.

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