Dur-A-Flex® Polycrete

What is Poly-Crete?

Poly-Crete is a cementitious urethane based flooring system that is heavy duty and has a seamless resurfacer. 

Dur-A-Flex Polycrete

This flooring system is manufactured in the USA by Dur-A-Flex and is one of the most utilized flooring systems in the food and beverage industry. It is a great fit for food processing areas, bottling plants, cook/chill areas and commercial kitchens. This is because the flooring can endure wet processing, chemicals and high temperature cleaning throughout it's lifetime. In addition to the food & beverage industry, Poly-Crete also offers a significant advantage in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as sanitize/wash areas, chemical processing areas and plant vehicle aisles.

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Dur-A-Flex Urethane Flooring Systems:

  • Poly-Crete SLB
  • Poly-Crete MDB
  • Poly-Crete MD
  • Poly-Crete HF
  • Poly-Crete MDC
  • Poly-Crete MDQ

Benefits of Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete Flooring:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistance
  • Elevated moisture
  • High strength
  • High traffic
  • Low odor
  • Non-slip surface
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • VOC compliant
  • LEED compliant

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Dur-A-Flex, the creator of Poly-Crete has been creating floor systems for more than 40 years for the commercial and industrial sector. Advanced Surfaces is proud to offer the Polycrete product as well as our installation services. We have been producting quality flooring systems for breweries, manufacturing warehouses and more since 1997. 

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