Dur-A-Flex® Hybri-Flex

Moisture Tolerant Floor Systems

Advanced Surfaces installs all of the systems in the Dur-A-Flex Hybri-flex family. These systems combine the best qualities of the Dur-A-Flex resinous systems, making them one of the best flooring values on the market. The cementitious urethane base coats are designed to tolerate moisture levels up to 12 pounds and provide protection from elevated moisture levels typically found in concrete. This is a big plus because it eliminates the need for a costly moisture mitigation system.

Hybri-Flex Flooring:

Hybri-flex series M: Fast and UV Stable 

  • Hybri-Flex MC
  • Hybri-Flex MQ
  • Hybri-Flex MB

Hybri-flex series E: Low Odor and Cost Effective

  • Hybri-Flex EB
  • Hybri-Flex EC
  • Hybri-Flex EQ
  • Hybri-Flex ES

Hybrid Characteristics:

  • Elevated moisture
  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Quick install
  • Customizable


Not only are the Hybri-flex flooring systems a great solution to quick turnaround applications in food and beverage processing facilities, they are the perfect solution for fast-track construction projects. They can be installed over 5 to 7 day-old concrete rather than waiting months for the slab to reach acceptable moisture levels. In most applications, no priming is required, so the time and number of steps required to deliver a seamless floor are reduced.

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