Advanced Surfaces Corporation is a Leading Installer of all Dur-A-Flex flooring products, including Dura-flex Epoxy, Dura-flex Urethane, Dura-flex Hyrbrid, and more.

Dur-A-Flex Flooring Systems – Tested & Proven Industrial Floors for over 50 Years

Dur-A-Flex® is a worldwide leader in high-quality, seamless commercial and industrial flooring, as well as a frontrunner for innovation in the application of polymers like urethane, methyl methacrylates, quartz aggregates, and epoxy. In fact, Duraflex Epoxy floors are some of the most sought-after products in the entire Industrial Flooring realm. If you are looking for a durable flooring system that outperforms other flooring surface options, Dur-A-Flex Epoxy, Dur-A-Flex Urethane, or Dur-A-Flex Hybrid flooring are some great options to consider. Depending on your facility’s specific needs, the experts from Advanced Surfaces can help you discover what you need, and help you choose the industrial flooring or commercial flooring that’s perfect for you. Our professionals at Advanced Surfaces Corporation have over 20 years of experience providing seamless flooring installation services for your industrial commercial flooring needs, including vast experience in handling and installing Duraflex Epoxy flooring systems to perfection.

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy, Dur-A-Flex Urethane, and Dur-A-Flex Hybrid Flooring Systems

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy is safe, sanitary and slip resistant, as is Dur-A-Flex Urethane, and Dur-A-Flex Hybrid. It’s no real mystery why the Dur-A-Flex® slogan is “innovation from the floor up.” Dura-flex Epoxy, Urethane, Hybrid, and other Dura-flex resinous poured flooring systems are high-performance, highly-rated for durability and function, and perfect for a whole host of industrial facility applications. Get the highest absolute total value and satisfaction for your money with these advanced epoxy flooring systems. Built to withstand continuous traffic and heavy equipment, our engineers can install a flooring system designed perfectly for your business. Advanced Surfaces guarantees our products and installation for up to six years with our no-hassle warranty. We provide the highest level of industrial flooring expertise and start-to-finish customer service with our turnkey process. Want more information about our Dur-A-Flex® flooring system products and installation? Check out the information below, or Contact us today to get started on your next Dur-A-Flex® Industrial Flooring System, installed to perfection by the professionals from Advanced Surfaces.

Dur-A-Flex® Urethane/ Dur-A-Flex® Polycrete

Duraflex Urethane and Duraflex Polycrete are synonymous with each other, and exist as a cementitious urethane, heavy-duty flooring system and seamless resurfacing agent. The Urethane/Polycrete products from Dur-A-Flex® are popular in the food processing industry, bottling facilities, and more. Call Advanced Surfaces today for an expert on-site assessment.

Dur-A-Flex® Hybrid/ Dur-A-Flex® Hybri-Flex

Known throughout the industrial flooring industry as one of the premier moisture tolerant flooring systems, Advanced Surfaces recommends this product for many reasons, including the fact that the Duraflex Hybrid system eliminates the need for an extra moisture mitigation system.

Dur-A-Flex® Epoxy/ Dur-A-Flex® Floor Coating Systems

It’s almost impossible to beat the durability, style, and versatility of the Duraflex Epoxy Flooring Systems, especially when you choose an experienced installation provider like Advanced Surfaces Corporation. We have the skill, experience, and total value you’ve been looking for.