Dur-A-Flex Floor

Dur-A-Flex Polycrete Urethane Flooring can revolutionize your industrial facility. Let Advanced Surfaces Corporation show you how.

What is Dura-flex Poly-Crete Urethane Flooring? What could a new Dur-A-Flex Floor do for my industrial facility needs?

Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete is a cementitious urethane-based flooring system that is heavy duty and has a seamless resurfacer. It is a remarkable advancement in the industrial flooring industry, and can do wonders for many different facility types.

Dur-A-Flex Polycrete

This advanced urethane flooring system is manufactured in the USA by Dur-A-Flex, and is one of the most utilized flooring systems in the food and beverage industry. Besides being known for their aesthetically pleasing properties, non-slip surface, and thermal shock resistance; this particular Dur-A-Flex Floor is low on odor, but high on strength and sustainability. They are a great fit for food processing areas, bottling plants, cook/chill areas and commercial kitchens, among other facility applications. One of the primary reasons that a new duraflex floor could be ideal for your facility is that this heavy-duty industrial flooring can endure wet processing, chemical spills and exposure, and high-intensity, high-temperature cleaning throughout its lifetime.

What Could a Dur-A-Flex Floor Do for My Pharmaceutical Facility?

In addition to the food & beverage industry, a Dura-flex Poly-Crete Urethane floor also offers a significant advantage in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, due to its high nature of resistance to chemicals, and its ability to be intensely cleaned many times during its life cycle. For chemical, pharmaceutical, or research laboratories, dura-flex urethane floors are good for high usage areas, such as sanitizing stations, wash areas, chemical processing areas and plant vehicle aisles. If you think that a new dura-flex floor would be ideal for your facility, like a new Dur-A-Flex® Poly-Crete Flooring System provided by Advanced Surfaces Corporation, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals! We want to hear about your duraflex flooring needs!

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Check out some of the Dur-A-Flex PolyCrete Urethane Flooring Systems, installed to perfection by Advanced Surfaces Corporation:

  • Poly-Crete SLB

    - SLB literally stands for Self-Leveling Broadcast flooring. Comes with a myriad of finish options

  • Poly-Crete MDB

    - This product is also self-leveling, offers excellent thermal shock resistance, and both smooth and textured finish options

  • Poly-Crete MD

    - Duraflex Polycrete MD offers a much lower annual maintenance cost as opposed to quarry tile

  • Poly-Crete HF

    - This heavy-duty flooring system offers the highest thermal shock resistance, and one step application

  • Poly-Crete MDC

    - This decorative, aromatic urethane flooring system comes with decorative chips in micro and macro size options

  • Poly-Crete MDQ

    - Flexible and attractive, this urethane flooring is self-priming, easy to maintain, and can be installed on 5-7 day old concrete

Here are just a few of the many benefits of Dur-A-Flex Poly-Crete Flooring:

  • High Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Elevated moisture performance
  • High strength & stability
  • High traffic conduction
  • Low odor application
  • Non-slip surface
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • VOC compliant
  • LEED compliant

Learn More About Dur-A-Flex and Advanced Surfaces

Dur-A-Flex, the creator of Poly-Crete has been creating floor systems for more than 40 years for the commercial and industrial sector. Advanced Surfaces is proud to offer the Polycrete product as well as our installation services. We have been producing quality flooring systems for food processing plants, bottling facilities, breweries, manufacturing warehouses, pharmaceutical laboratories, and many other great industrial facilities since 1997. We have a long track record of going the extra mile for all our clients. This includes installing your industrial floors with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring your duraflex floor or other industrial flooring type exceeds all current standards and expectations, and getting your facility back to operational capacity in the absolute shortest amount of time possible.

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