Dur-A-Flex Epoxy

For high quality industrial flooring you can trust, we recommend Dur-A-Flex Epoxy floors, installed to perfection by Advanced Surfaces Corporation.

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy Is One of The Most Popular Dur-A-Flex Floor Coating Systems® Available – But Why?

For more than 50 years, Duraflex has been one of the shining stars of seamless flooring systems in the Industrial Flooring industry. They operate and innovate at a remarkable level of excellence, according to many industrial floor installation companies across the globe. But the real test comes when one of Advanced Surfaces Corporation’s esteemed clients shows gratitude that our specialists chose to utilize Duraflex Epoxy Floor Coating Systems, and recommend it to their colleagues for their specific industrial flooring needs. Duraflex Flooring is an excellent solution for the manufacturing industry, the food & beverage industry, the pharmaceutical laboratory industry, the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry, and the list goes on and on. Specifically, our clients who need high quality shop flooring solutions for their facilities in the car manufacturing and car repair industries really enjoy the flexibility, capability, and performance of Duraflex Epoxy Flooring.

Duraflex Flooring is among the highest in customer satisfaction ratings for quality, sustainability, durability, and attractiveness, so it’s no mystery that business owners and facility managers turn to Dur a flex epoxy for their industrial flooring choice. When it comes to the best in thin mil epoxy and polyurethane coating systems, experience has proven to us time and time again that Dur-A-Flex is second to none in the commercial and industrial floor coating business. Whether you need to prioritize abrasion resistance, stain resistance, slip resistance, or chemical resistance or you just want a high-quality industrial flooring solution that looks great for many years to come, Dur-A-Flex epoxy coating systems have the products to help take your facility to the next level.

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy

We Provide the Most Popular Dur-A-Flex Epoxy Flooring Products – Which Products Do You Need?

  • Dur-A-Chip

    Decorative seamless flooring system with durable urethane topcoat.

  • Armor Stat ESD

    Offers high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Lasts forever.

  • Shop Floor MR

    Whether you need Shop Floor, or Shop Floor MR, you can’t go wrong.

  • ReFLEXions

    This designer flooring combines quality and entrancing beauty.

  • Dur-A-Crete

    100% solids epoxy mixed with sand aggregate takes the toughest abuse.

  • Dur-A-Quartz

    100% solids epoxy mixed with decorative quartz.

  • Dur-A-Glaze

    This grind and seal concrete system comes with extra wear resistance.

  • Mica-Flex E

    Blended with flakes of mica for strength & charm. Chemical resistant.

  • Dur-A-Gard

    Seamless flooring designed to coat industrial and commercial floors.

  • Dur-A-Gard ESD

    Adds static dissipation and slip resistance to a solid resume.

  • Dur-A-Gard MR

    Seamless pigmented flooring great for light duty mechanical facilities.

  • Dur-A-Gard SL

    The highest performance flooring you can get for your money.

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy Floor System Characteristics Might Include:

  • High strength
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Low odor
  • Non-Slip
  • High Traffic
  • Drain Compatibility
  • Variable Install Window
  • Static Dissipation
  • Waterproofing Membrane

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy systems are some of the most reliable systems on the market that can fit any budget. These systems are available in thin film applications and range all the way up to heavy duty thick overlays. These topcoats are perfect for any flooring system to ensure the longevity of the floor. 

Advanced Surfaces Corporation Installs Dur-A-Flex Epoxy Flooring With the Highest Level of Integrity

As any successful owner or manager will tell you, the product is only half of the equation. You need an experienced industrial flooring installation company to install your floor coating system to perfection, in order to maximize the return on your investment. All across the Southeastern United States, up and down the Eastern Seaboard, throughout the Midwest, and into many other parts of the country, Advanced Surfaces Corporation is known for excellent, timely industrial flooring installation, maintenance, and repair. We have the experience and expertise necessary to complete your flooring jobs at the most convenient time in order to keep your company operating at the highest rate of efficiency, both during installation and after your floor installation is complete.

When you need the best combination of industrial flooring products and flooring installation services, call the professionals from Advanced Surfaces Corporation. We have the industrial flooring solutions you need, regardless of your industry, and your specific needs. Contact Advanced Surfaces today to get a free quote. We can help you identify which system will best fit your area and handle everything from preparing the flooring area to installing the new system.

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