BASF Selby® Epoxy Resin

Selby epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems have been protecting and beautifying floors since 1925. From chemical- resistant floors to decorative aggregate systems, Selby materials offer the diversity and time-tested performance required by today’s building owners.

Selby resinous flooring systems combine the ease of maintenance with the toughness and durability required in challenging commercial, institutional and chemical environments. In addition, the flooring systems can be installed by ADVANCED SURFACES in a variety of attractive colors, finishes and surface profiles. Selby flooring systems are designed with the ability to be customized for specific performance requirements to meet the needs of your particular site or facility.

  • Selbatwede 41 @ 1/8”
  • Selbatwede HD @ 3/16”
  • Selbaclad 425 @ 1/4”

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