AroSURF Resins

AroSURF resins can be applied in temperatures above 45° F. With the ability to withstand heavy traffic and abuse brought on by exposure to chemical attack. AroSURF is typically a 1/8” to 1/4” thick, resin- rich, laminate system that provides complete encapsulation. AroSURF allows you to choose your degree of preferred slip resistance to protect your most valuable asset—your employees.

  • Arosurf QC @ 1/8"-3/8" Standard or Quartz* colors for general service, non-slip finish
  • Arosurf QCR @ 1/8"-3/8" Standard or Quartz* colors for extreme corrosion resistance, non-slip finish
  • Arosurf QCSL @ 20 mils-1/4* Standard colors, smooth or floor grit finish


*May substitute color flakes

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