About Us

Established in 1997, Advanced Surfaces is the company of choice for all industrial flooring needs in every area of your facility. With extensive flooring experience, we bring exceptional knowledge to each project. It is our mission to meet the challenges of your unique environmental conditions and solve your greatest flooring concerns.

Why Advanced Surfaces?


We are ready to take on any job. Years of experience in quick turnaround applications have enabled us to have a plant up and running on time and on budget. Whatever the time frame, we are ready to deliver. The shorter cure times on many of our recommended products allow a greater emphasis on a cleaned and prepared surface, while ensuring the best bond to substrate without compromising the superior finished product. The end result? Flooring systems that exceed expectations.

High Performance

Our recommended materials stand out. We have great relationships with many of the leaders in the chemical and flooring industry to help us stay abreast of advancements in technology that can solve problems in various types of plants. All recommendations made by our team are designed to address specific needs, cost effectively.


Recognized as industrial flooring installation experts, our team tailors flooring solutions for each environment in a facility. With our extensive flooring experience, we have the knowledge to meet the challenges of unique environmental conditions. This allows us to stand behind our recommendations with an outstanding warranty and exceptional service.

No Hassle Warranty

We stand behind our products and workmanship. When you accept our recommended material and installation method for a specific project and follow the recommended guidelines for maintenance and cleaning, the flooring system is guaranteed up to six years. Our warranty covers quality workmanship and strong adhesion to a facility’s substrate concrete. Our focus and emphasis on preparation ensure that customer satisfaction will not be compromised. That’s why we get it right the first time. What your company receives in the end is a superior finished product backed by the best service and warranty in the business.

Expert Installation

We offer complete turnkey services that include drain installations, floor sloping, sanitary curbs, cove bases, wall coatings and indicator lines. Quickly and effectively addressing needs is our number one priority. We employ all of our installers and adequately gear our working force with the industry’s best safety training and career development program. Our installation team members are thoroughly trained in all aspects of working in sensitive industrial environments. When others say they can’t do it, we figure it out.

Proven Products that Work

We offer specifically engineered products and installation services to meet the needs of demanding environments.

  • Thermal cycling and shock resistance: urethane concrete
  • Heavy impact and abrasion and point loading resistance: Ucrete Iron Filled
  • Quick curing, even in freezing conditions: methyl methacrylate
  • Corrosion and impact resistance: AroSURF QC epoxy and Advanced Surfacer

Whether it’s short time frames to get the job done, odor-sensitive environments or environmental or safety concerns, we have a product to fit your needs. Learn more about our products and services.

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