Dur-A-Flex Flooring

Dur-A-Flex has been innovating and creating new industrial and commercial flooring systems for over 50 years. Advanced Surfaces is proud to provide our customers with the value that Dur-A-Flex systems bring to a project. Our experts can identify the right application for your specific industry and needs, allowing you to have the right environment to build your business.

Advanced Surfaces Corp. provides and installs the following systems from Dur-A-Flex:

Urethane Flooring Systems:

  • Poly-Crete SLB
  • Poly-Crete MDB
  • Poly-Crete MD
  • Poly-Crete HF
  • Poly-Crete MDC
  • Poly-Crete MDQ

Hybrid Flooring Systems

Hybri-flex series M: Fast and UV Stable 

  • Hybri-Flex MC
  • Hybri-Flex MQ
  • Hybri-Flex MB

Hybri-flex series E: Low Odor and Cost Effective

  • Hybri-Flex EB
  • Hybri-Flex EC
  • Hybri-Flex EQ
  • Hybri-Flex ES

Dur-A-Flex Epoxy Systems

  • Shop Floor
  • Dur-A-Glaze Novolac
  • Dur-A-Quartz
  • Dur-A-Chip
  • Dur-A-Crete


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