The Floor that Lasts

ADVANCED SURFACES is proud to offer the best flooring solution in the industry. Ucrete is the solution to long-term durability issues in extreme thermal shock environments and punishing food processing plants.

Ucrete is the original cementitious urethane flooring system, started in Great Britain. For almost half a century, Ucrete has established itself as the benchmark by which all others will be judged. Engineered as a superior alternative to acid brick, quarry tile and other seamless toppings, Ucrete offers unequalled resistance to physical abuse, thermal shock, aggressive chemicals and bacteria growth.

Ucrete floors offer time-proven performance. The application and technology of Ucrete have been perfected through years of experience. As Master Ucrete Installers, ADVANCED SURFACES has proven our ability to deliver. We are a company committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Ucrete HF: Heavy Duty Flooring System @ 1/4” to 1/2”
Ucrete HP/Q: High Profile Flooring System @ 1/4” to 3/8”
Ucrete MF: Smooth Flooring System @ 3/16” to 1/4”
Ucrete WR: Wall Rendering/Cove Base System

A Fresh Approach to Flooring

Flowfresh represents a new generation of performance anti-microbial flooring based on the use of silver in partnership with Polygiene®. As a Premier Contractor for Flowcrete in the United States, ADVANCED SURFACES can offer you a second line of defense in combating bacteria and microbes in your facility.

The science is based on an amino compound constantly emitting ions of silver that destroy bacteria that settle on the floor and continue to be active for the lifetime of the floor.

Silver is a natural element well known for its ability to purify and protect from bacterial infections—and it provides an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to chemically manufactured anti-microbials.

It offers total protection. A continuous migration of silver ions delivered to the contact surface from where they attack gram positive and gram negative bacteria and viruses. The process remains active through the lifetime of the floor, even when damaged or worn, unlike coatings or surface treatments.

Flowfresh HF: Heavy Duty Floor System @ 1/4” to 1/2”
Flowfresh SR/Q: Slurry Broadcast Floor System @ 1/4” to 3/8”
Flowfresh MF: Smooth Floor System @ 3/16” to 1/4”
Flowfresh CM: Cove Base and Curbing System

Hybri-Flex Moisture Tolerant Systems

ADVANCED SURFACES installs all of the systems in the Hybri-flex family, which are designed to tolerate moisture levels up to 12 pounds (and relative humidity up to 92%) and provide protection from elevated moisture levels typically found in concrete. These systems allow us to eliminate the application of a costly moisture mitigation system.

Not only are the Hybri-flex flooring systems a great solution to quick turnaround applications in food and beverage processing facilities, they are the perfect solution for fast-track construction projects. They can be installed over 5 to 7 day-old concrete rather than waiting months for the slab to reach acceptable moisture levels. In most applications, no priming is required, so the time and number of steps required to deliver a seamless floor are reduced.

Hybri-flex series M: Fast and UV Stable
Hybri-flex series E: Low Odor and Cost Effective
Polycrete: Cementitious Urethane

SRS Degadur® Flooring Systems

SRS Degadur seamless flooring systems fully cure in one hour and are very durable, cost effective, tenaciously bonded to the substrate and very aesthetically pleasing. The 100% solids, acrylic reactive resin utilized in the makeup of Degadur systems are based on two- and three-component methyl methacrylate (MMA).

Methacrylate chemistry is vastly different from many other commonly used resin technologies on the market today. Methacrylates are part of the acrylics family sharing the same chemistry used to create everyday products, including Plexiglas, house paint, eyeglass lenses, dental materials and even medical implants.

One-Hour Cure

Downtime for most facilities is a major concern and expense. The one-hour cure of Degadur flooring systems eliminates excessive downtime. The facility can return to full operation in a fraction of the time required compared to slower-curing systems, thus reducing the overall labor costs of the project. Degadur flooring systems cure via a free radical polymerization reaction. Within one hour of application, virtually 100% of the Degadur resin system has been converted from a liquid to an inert solid. There are no un-reacted portions of the material left to leach out of the system.

Cures in the Cold

Even in temperature extremes down to -20°F, Degadur systems fully cure in one hour. ADVANCED SURFACES can easily install a Degadur floor in freezers, coolers and unheated buildings.

Permanent Welded Bond

A flooring system is only as good as its bond to the substrate, and R-41i is the best penetrating primer available in the flooring industry. With every application of a Degadur flooring system, ADVANCED SURFACES performs a bond test just prior to the installation. This unique quality control measure specified on every ADVANCED SURFACES Degadur job ensures proper substrate preparation and permanent welded bond to the substrate. Only a one-hour cure system can provide us this kind of bond assurance test.


Millions of square feet of Degadur flooring have been installed throughout pharmaceutical facilities in North America. Degadur seamless flooring systems provide the highest possible levels of sanitation and aesthetics in these sensitive environments.

• Laboratory and R & D Facilities
• Vivariums and Cage Wash Areas
• Medical Facilities

BASF Selby® Epoxy Resin Systems

Selby epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems have been protecting and beautifying floors since 1925. From chemical- resistant floors to decorative aggregate systems, Selby materials offer the diversity and time-tested performance required by today’s building owners. Selby resinous flooring systems combine the ease of maintenance with the toughness and durability required in challenging commercial, institutional and chemical environments. In addition, the flooring systems can be installed by ADVANCED SURFACES in a variety of attractive colors, finishes and surface profiles. Selby flooring systems are designed with the ability to be customized for specific performance requirements to meet the needs of your particular site or facility.

• Selbatwede 41 @ 1/8”
• Selbatwede HD @ 3/16”
• Selbaclad 425 @ 1/4”

Dur-A-Flex® Floor Coating Systems

When it comes to the best in thin mil epoxy and polyurethane coating systems, experience has proven to us time and time again that Dur-A-Flex is second to none in the floor coating business. Whether the coating is needed for abrasion resistance, stain resistance, slip resistance, chemical resistance or for a good appearance, Dur-A-Flex coating systems have what it takes for the job. Make ADVANCED SURFACES the installer for your project.

• Dur-A-Gard
• Dur-A-Glaze Novolac
• Polythane
• Shop Floor

TNEMEC® Wall Coating Systems

Stranlok technology is a true high-build fiber-reinforced wall coating—not a thin film. Stranlok’s blend of fine grade minerals with coarse, chopped fiberglass strands forms a tough cross-link combination that provides impact and abrasion resistance. Teamed together, Stranlok and ADVANCED SURFACES will strengthen any type of wall.

• Stranlok
• Tnemec Glaze

AroSURF Resins and Advanced Flooring

Our vast knowledge of the floor industry and our established relationships with the nation’s largest chemical manufacturers enable ADVANCED SURFACES to offer unique polymer flooring systems—systems designed to handle the rigors of daily operations in manufacturing plants. Our products are tough and dependable systems that will deliver the most protection—cost effectively. Our flooring systems will provide superior resistance to chemical spills, heavy equipment and constant traffic and can be installed to meet your production schedule.

AroSURF and Advanced Surfacer flooring systems are our privately developed and engineered products that offer quicker cure times and eliminate harmful VOC concerns. In addition, they are uniquely flexible, restoring the look of abused concrete and polymer floors, incorporating a permanent bond to any type of substrate including concrete, brick pavers and plywood floors

AroSURF Resins

AroSURF resins can be applied in temperatures above 45° F. With the ability to withstand heavy traffic and abuse brought on by exposure to chemical attack. AroSURF is typically a 1/8” to 1/4” thick, resin- rich, laminate system that provides complete encapsulation. AroSURF allows you to choose your degree of preferred slip resistance to protect your most valuable asset— your employees.

Arosurf QC @ 1/8”– 3/8” Standard or Quartz* colors for general service, non-slip finish
Arosurf QCR @ 1/8”– 3/8” Standard or Quartz* colors for extreme corrosion resistance, non-slip finish
Arosurf QCSL @ 20 mils–1/4” Standard colors, smooth or floor grit finish

* May substitute color flakes.

Advanced Surfacer

Advanced Surfacer is a three- component, troweled, epoxy mortar system. The system consists of an epoxy resin, amine hardener and selected size aggregates and pigments for easy application. Worn and abused areas from chemical exposure, impact and abrasion will quickly be forgotten when ADVANCED SURFACES installs this system in your facility.

Advanced surfacer HD @ 1/4” for general service
Advanced surfacer EP @ 1/4” for general service
Advanced surfacer HDR or EPR @ 1/4” for corrosion resistance

UCRETE Iron Filled

The old ways of protecting an abused floor from impact of extreme heavy point loads, like steel plating are over. Demolition and re-pours of unfit, unsound segments of concrete are no more. Why? The world’s leading building products manufacturer, BASF has designed the perfect product in Ucrete Iron Filled. Ucrete Iron Filled can be installed in a short window of time, like a weekend, by ADVANCED SURFACES, because it is only a one step, troweled application.

Ucrete Iron Filled utilizes specially processed iron aggregate that provides the floor with the properties necessary to withstand the rigors of daily impact and abrasion produced at heavy industrial manufacturing facilities. Heavy equipment, track hoes, bulldozers or extreme, continuous flow of traffic cause abrasion and impact abuse to your concrete surface. Ucrete Iron Filled floors are designed to handle this extreme daily abuse.

When you choose a Ucrete Iron Filled floor installed by ADVANCED SURFACES, you choose a safer working environment. ADVANCED SURFACES will provide a written five-year warranty.

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